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Congratulations on deciding to get married!

What a wonderful step you are taking in joyfully publicly announcing your private Love to others!

All Celebrants have a different focus. Mine is to make your ceremonial transition to married status as happy and as pleasantly unique for the two of you as possible. With me as your Celebrant you get to communicate as a modern couple should, whether in person, by phone, fax or by email.

I make it extremely easy for you to create your own complete ceremony text (not just your vows) and I guide you effortlessly through the formal legalities. From small, simple and informal weddings to large gatherings with all the pomp and grandeur, I can help you craft the perfect ceremony, either from your own thoughts or with the assistance of my personally collated "Create Your Own Wedding" booklet or a combination of the two. This extensive booklet has many examples to draw from, addressing every part of your ceremony and with a diverse choice of styles and approaches.

In addition to doing straightforward traditional weddings, I also cater to appropriately incorporating elements from the family background like various National Heritage or Religious Traditions. Just ask! I am also noted for alternative Ceremonies like "Surprise" weddings (a surprise for the guests not for the other spouse!) as well as for fun Theme Weddings (Fancy Dress, Bush Ranger, Star Trek, Medieval, Toga, Wiccan, Hippie, etc). Just ask!

At times I have been selected to do the legal attending and officiating at various religious and non-religious weddings where someone else properly facilitates the ceremony in my presence, as permitted by Law. Just ask! Allow me to take care of everything that I can to make the ceremony part of your special day pleasantly memorable and hassle free by providing a warm, friendly and professional service. As your wedding celebrant, I offer knowledge, experience and professionalism that has been developed over many years of marrying couples from all over the world. I am noted for my friendliness and flexibility within the rules and regulations. If you need help getting an Official Shortening of Time or information about foreign marriages, I may be able to assist with general information and appropriate referrals. Just ask!

If my happy and helpful approach to your wedding ceremony interests you a bit, please contact me for a no obligation telephone or email chat. Please also feel free to take a look at the information provided here to help you get started. Any constructive comments you could offer me about this web site would also be appreciated.

Once again, Congratulations on your nuptial decision! May your life be filled with Love!