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Naming Ceremonies

The birth of a child is a wonder filled event! Parents usually give much thought to the names the child will bear throughout life. Many cultures and religions celebrate the entrance of the child into the community by having the parents present the child to family and friends.

Guests usually see this "Welcoming the Child Ceremony" as a chance to bring gifts for the child and/or the parents. It is a chance to bring the mother and father's families and friends together in a festive atmosphere with lots of food and drink and to catch up with those who we don't often get a chance to see face to face. Some parents even use a computer and camera to instantly send the ceremony to distant relatives and friends overseas or elsewhere in Australia.

In western culture it has been a common tradition to appoint two or more people to be "Guardians", "Mentors" or "Godparents" to take a particularly strong interest in the significant and happy events of the child's life. This cherished tradition continues in our society, whether or not a Baptism or other religious ritual is performed. Most parents are happy to ask one or more relatives or friends to offer Public Promises as "Godparents" to the child. Some parents want to baptise their child at the end of a Baby Naming. All want a beautiful certificate for their child and for each of the "Godparents", "Mentors" or "Guardians".

I strive to take the fuss and hassle out of having a Naming Ceremony. Most people simply call me, give me the child's name, date of birth, their names and the godparents names. Most Naming Celebrations are held on a Sunday or a Saturday at the parent's home or at a relative's house, in the late morning or the early afternoon, to be followed with lunch, or a barbeque. One of the parents confirms the location, time and details a couple of days before the ceremony. I arrive about 15 minutes before the Naming, accept payment, speak to the parents and the "Godparents" and then perform a beautiful ceremony, which includes prose and poetry and ends with the signing and presentation of the beautiful certificates. Give me a call today on 0412 161 357 or email me at