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Frequently Asked Questions

Congratulations on deciding to get married! And thank you for contacting me! I am an Authorised Civil Marriage Celebrant appointed to celebrate marriages anywhere in Australia.

Why should we choose you as our celebrant?

Whether you have a small informal wedding or a large gathering with all the pomp and grandeur, I would love to make it really special for you. I offer an obligation-free, first meeting at which time we get to know one another and you can ask me any questions you wish. I am happy to travel to you or you can visit me at my office in my home in Queanbeyan. Alternatively, we can do some or all of the necessary paper work, etc by fax, E-mail and/or by MS Word Attachment and/or by 'snail mail' (Post Office). My interaction with you is designed to save you time, energy and expense and unnecessary hassles.

Can we choose our own ceremony words? Will you help us?

I will provide you with ample choice for all parts of the ceremony through my highly acclaimed booklet and you will have a ceremony tailored to reflect your own unique relationship. I am very helpful and flexible within the restrictions of the required legalities. Please do not hesitate to let me know what you want.

How do we get started?

To be married in Australia you will need to fill out a Notice of Intended Marriage form (NIM) and sign it on the back in the presence of a Justice of the Peace, or a doctor, or a lawyer, or a police officer or myself. If you are both living outside of Australia you will need to fill out the Notice of Intended Marriage form (NIM) and sign it on the back in the presence of one of the following: an Australian Diplomatic Officer, an Australian Consular Officer, a Notary Public, an employee of the Commonwealth authorised under para 3(c) of the Consular Fees Act 1995 or an employee of the Australian Trade Commission authorised under para 3(c) of the Consular Fees Act 1995. It only needs to be signed by one of you to start the clock ticking. It is valid for 18 months from the day I receive it. I can send you a copy by snail mail if you give me your home address or you can download a copy of the NIM from the Internet.

Where can we get the Notice of Intended Marriage to fill in and sign in the presence of a proper person?

The download address is: (just click on the net address below if you are right now now connected to the internet)

Notice of Intended Marriage

After we have filled it in and one or both of us has signed it in the presence of a proper person, how do we officially Lodge it with you?

The completed NIM must be returned to me as soon as possible. The date I receive it is the date from which the Australian calendar month (and a day) waiting period rule is determined. You can fax a copy to me at 6297-6354 and then send the original signed (preferably in blue pen) copy to me by 'snail mail'.

The date the fax copy arrives will be the date that it is officially lodged and then the month (and a day) waiting time starts 'ticking' if it is followed by the hard copy, as you will have given me proper notice on the proper form and have subsequently provided me with the original.

What if we can't wait the Australian calendar month (and a day) waiting period? Can we get a "Shortening of Time"?

It is possible You and your fiance will each have to provide a letter stating the reasons why you wish to get married at a date sooner than the usual month wait to a person known as a 'Prescribed Authority'. Any documentation that you can provide as evidence for your reasons will be most helpful. There is a list of reasons available which the Commonwealth Attorney General has promulgated as a guideline to Prescribed Authorities to help them utilise their discretion in granting or refusing Shortening Permission.